Quarter-life crisis, PRIDE! 二十代のパニック、プライド!


Long time no see my lesbrethren. I can seriously not handle my shit these days. I don't know what's wrong with me. My therapist says it's called a "quarter-life crisis" or some bullshit. At first I didn't buy it, but now I'm starting to believe her. Things have calmed down since I came back to the States, although I did go through a bit of reverse culture shock. I'm still trying to cope. Americans really have no rules! No manners! No expectations! It is so... dare I say it... refreshing. But they are really damned rude.

I went to a queer burlesque show last night. It was truly amazing - so many beautiful people of all shapes and sizes and queer identities - all of them bearing it all (literally). It was so liberating and beautiful to watch. Stripping is so much fun, no matter how you look or how you do it - everyone loves to see naked people.

Last weekend was a bitchin' time ya'll. Lesbians, lesbians, lesbians! It's amazing how much they make me feel at ease, at home.

If you can't wait for another update, check out my tumblr and Risa's tumblr:

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Risa > http://pipopipopa.tumblr.com/

Hope you all had a great Pride weekend :)

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